What Exactly Are AV Solutions?

What Exactly Are AV Solutions?

What Exactly Are AV Solutions? AV stands for audiovisual, and it pertains to the systems of speakers, microphones, amplifiers, and displays used for just about everything you can think of! The world of AV solutions encompasses very simple needs to ones that are quite complex, as there is an enormous number of cases where AV solutions would be helpful.

Public Venues

Places like sports bars that use multiple screens and sound sources require AV solutions. They need to have multiple TV displays in use at all times, with synced sound and video. That may have been simple in times where TVs only played cable or broadcast, but with a large variety of content patrons want to see that is exclusive to streaming, sports bars must be able to easily sync all of their TVs playing the same content.

Perhaps instead of syncing all the displays, a sports bar or other public venue might want to play different things in different sections of the bar by setting up multiple zones for viewing. Multiple zone setups are especially useful right now when many patrons want the option of being socially distant from others. It is imperative that multizonal spaces hit the “sweet spot” for sound, where it does not bleed into other zones causing an unpleasant cacophony that is sure to leave patrons annoyed. But, with the right AV solutions company, even smaller spaces can utilize multiple viewing zones effectively.

For quieter spaces, like a hotel lobby, volume is equally as important. To hit the “sweet spot,” patrons who want to watch whatever is on the TV will be able to hear it clearly, but patrons who do not will not have to be bothered by the constant chatter. Additionally, if music is playing in the lobby, it must layer with the TV without being intrusive. Music will also have to be controlled behind the desk and can be operated intuitively.

Presentational Spaces

Classrooms, lecture halls, and any other space that may need an electronic display benefit from AV solutions! Outstanding AV design enables speakers and teachers to use technology simply and seamlessly in conjunction with their presentations. Through interactivity and improved accessibility, many problems can be solved with AV.

Interactive displays (such as smartboard technology) allow educators to make their content more memorable to their pupils. These displays make use of a variety of AV systems, including a projector, speakers, and stylus software that must be set up and calibrated. Fortunately, once set up, they are intuitive to use and can add a new dimension to the classroom.

AV solutions are also extremely beneficial to those who have trouble seeing or hearing information. Microphones (including a podium or headset mic) and a speaker system ensure that all students can hear the material, which is especially important for those who suffer from hearing loss. Additionally, using display technology, it is simple to make visual content more accessible.


While you might not think of an office building as being a place that requires AV solutions, it is actually one of the most types of spaces that need them! Between boardroom, conference calling, video conferencing technologies, and more, there are many areas where AV design can enable a more robust workplace.

One of the most common issues with AV solutions in business settings is that they are not set up for the business to scale! So, it is imperative that AV designers speak with business people about what they may want out of their technology in the future so that the tech can be scaled appropriately when the business succeeds in meeting those goals.

Another common issue is user-friendliness. A great AV solution is one that anyone can use intuitively, so AV designs must be particularly mindful that people of all ages and experiences with a technology need to be able to use the technology easily. 

These applications for AV solutions are just the tip of the iceberg. More specific use cases can include everything from CCTV surveillance systems to municipal agencies. For questions about what AV solutions may be right for you contact us for assistance in Indiana.

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