Security Cameras & CCTV / Surveillance Systems

Commercial video surveillance to protect your business

Video Security Services in Indiana

When it comes to safety and security, closed circuit surveillance systems are a must-have for your business. Installing a camera system is just the start. AV Designers will help you choose the areas of importance you wish to view, select the proper equipment to achieve the desired video quality, and monitor your business from your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. We’re experienced in helping businesses protect themselves and their property, and we can find the right security solutions for you no matter your needs or industry.

Here are just a few features we offer:

  • Extended recording (up to 30 days real time and 90 days motion activated). This gives you the ability to find important footage after an event has occurred.
  • Infrared illumination on cameras to see more detail in low light conditions, such as when lights are off after hours.
  • Remote viewing of key areas of the operation while off-site, both in real-time and through replayed recorded video.