Conference Room A/V Systems & Design

Professional A/V Installation for Boardrooms, Training Rooms, & More

Innovative Conference Room A/V Solutions for Your Business

Essential presentations. Morale-boosting meetings. Future planning. The conversations that move your business forward take place in the conference room. 

Does your conference room make it easier to collaborate with team members and execute important tasks? When outfitted with the necessary technology, conference rooms provide more than an escape from the noise and bustle of the workplace. They’re ready-made productivity hubs, capable of supporting the way you do business. 

Since 1992, AV Designers has helped our partners design and install custom A/V solutions for their conference rooms, boardrooms, huddle rooms, training rooms and other meeting spaces.  Whether you’re looking for acoustic treatments that limit distractions and boost productivity or essential video conferencing technology that makes it easier to connect with clients and remote team members, AV Designers can help. Our skilled technicians provide professional conference room A/V installation services for businesses in central Indiana.

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A/V Solutions for the Future of Work

Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom meetings aren’t going to disappear anytime soon — and that’s great news for business owners. Video conferencing provides a cost-effective alternative to travel and allows employees to collaborate more efficiently with remote team members. That’s why business owners are hustling to equip their offices with the latest video conferencing technology.

No longer limited to internal business, conference rooms are dynamic hubs for both on-site meetings and video conferencing. A/V Designers is committed to helping businesses outfit their conference rooms with innovative video conferencing technology. From sophisticated cameras to speaker systems with crisp sound quality, our expert technicians will provide the technology you need to connect with clients virtually.

Is your conference room equipped with up-to-date, accessible and secure video conferencing technology? Whether you need to replace old equipment or install a custom conference room A/V system, AV Designers can help. Contact our skilled technicians today

Custom Conference Room Technology for Every Business

Is outdated technology interfering with your team’s performance? AV Designers can help. Regardless of the size of your project or the constraints of your budget, our expert technicians will deliver A/V solutions that lead to more efficient meetings and higher-quality video conferencing. These solutions include:

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Take Control of Your Conferencing Technology

Nobody wants to pause an important meeting to deal with technical difficulties. That’s why AV Designers offers advising services to ensure that your video conferencing equipment is always in optimal condition. 

Poor sound quality and unreliable streaming connections aren’t just minor annoyances. They’re often signs that your equipment is about to fail. When you subscribe to our advising services, an A/V expert will conduct a comprehensive systems assessment, perform essential maintenance and compose a detailed report on your equipment — allowing you to intervene before preventable problems cost you money. 

Don’t let broken devices and service interruptions derail your next meeting. Contact AV Designers to schedule your A/V advising appointment today.