4 Reasons Why Commercial Businesses Use Digital Signage

4 Reasons Why Commercial Businesses Use Digital Signage

In a world where toddlers watch educational programming on iPads and journalists write articles with the knowledge that many readers prefer skimming to deep reading, visually engaging content is king. For this reason, more and more commercial businesses are trusting digital signage to deliver compelling content directly to employees and clients. 

What is digital signage, and what benefits does this A/V solution offer? In this blog, we explore the specific reasons why commercial businesses are investing in digital signage. 

What is digital signage?

Digital signage refers to the practice of distributing personalized content through a network of displays, such as LCD, LED or 4K monitors. Trusted for its ability to gain the attention of employees and potential customers alike, digital signage is traditionally installed in high-traffic areas. For instance, restaurants may use digital signage to engage customers who are waiting in line; corporate offices may leverage digital signage to promote branded content in lobbies and conference rooms; retail spaces may install digital signage outside of their storefronts to lure customers inside; and municipalities and college campuses may use digital signage to provide interactive maps that help citizens and students navigate complicated spaces. 

No matter where digital signage appears, this versatile advertising technology allows businesses to quickly put their messaging in front of diverse audiences. 

Why Commercial Businesses Use Digital Signage

Leaders in the educational services, hospitality, restaurant and retail industries leverage digital signage to share essential information and display promotional materials for the following four reasons.

    1. Digital signage is easy to use.

      Accessible and incredibly user-friendly, incorporating digital signage into a commercial business only requires a display that can be connected to the internet and digital signage software that streamlines the content distribution process.
    2. Digital signage is adaptable.  

      Highly customizable, digital signage gives commercial businesses more control over their visuals. Business owners can promote content that aligns with their company’s current advertising goals and adapt in real time to new, targeted audiences.
    3. Digital signage is cost-effective.

      Digital signage allows businesses to save money on internal advertising and marketing. Using monitors to present and update branded content provides a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing online advertisements or incurring printing costs for physical advertising materials. 


  • Digital signage encourages active participation.

    Whether businesses use digital signage to share the accomplishments of high-achieving employees or promote their social media channels, the medium encourages passersby to relate to the company’s brand. As such, businesses that utilize digital signage may learn more about customer demographics and behaviors. 


Commercial Audio/Visual Installation in Indianapolis

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