Why Architects Work With A/V Professionals

Why Architects Work With A/V Professionals

A/V professionals design complex A/V systems that unite a range of audio, video, and data management solutions to meet each client’s specific needs. This work requires these experts to navigate the architectural constraints of the buildings in which the systems will be installed and think critically about how users will interact with the technology they provide. Because of the consideration and planning that must go into designing these systems, it’s no surprise that the most effective and cost-efficient A/V systems result from early collaborations between A/V professionals and architects. 

In this blog, we explore how A/V professionals can help architects better serve their clients—and vice versa. 

How A/V Professionals Add Value for Architects

When architects consult with A/V professionals during the early phases of their projects, A/V professionals can help architects design workspaces that optimize each client’s A/V systems. From providing acoustic solutions to preparing meeting rooms for more efficient video conferencing, A/V experts are uniquely positioned to advise architects on how clients use technology and how to seamlessly integrate A/V solutions into their projects. Coordinating with A/V professionals allows for a fruitful exchange of expertise, eliminating the unnecessary costs and delays that come with treating A/V system design as an afterthought.

A/V Design Tips for Architects

A/V professionals can help with more than just equipment installation. Before you begin your next project, discuss the following tips with your A/V partner

Lean on A/V Experts to Create Custom A/V Solutions 

A/V professionals are incredibly well-versed in how to leverage technology to encourage frequent collaborations and create more efficient workplaces. Take advantage of their expertise! Whether you need recommendations for reliable video conferencing equipment or advice on how to best distribute monitors in corporate conference rooms, A/V consultants can provide custom solutions for each project.  

Limit Distractions With Acoustic Treatments

Although the open office concept has dominated corporate design for years, open offices are notoriously loud. A/V professionals can help architects reduce noise—and distractions—by designing and installing acoustic solutions, including acoustic panels and sound masking technology. These solutions help employees maintain their focus and limit pesky reverberations and echoes.

Consulting with A/V experts on acoustic solutions also ensures that each client’s A/V system will respond to their space’s unique architectural challenges. Investing in an expensive speaker system doesn’t automatically guarantee a high-quality audio experience. Even the best speakers don’t perform well in certain environments. A/V experts can recommend acoustic treatments tailored to the building materials, ceiling height, room shape, and other environmental factors. 

Communicate With Your A/V Partner Early and Often

We’ve already explained why architects should include A/V experts in the planning phases of each project: working with A/V partners at the beginning of a project helps architects design workspaces with essential workplace technology in mind, eliminating the unnecessary expenses of redesigning spaces to accommodate their A/V systems after weeks of construction. 

This collaboration shouldn’t be limited to planning. Plans inevitably change throughout the construction process, and architects should keep A/V professionals abreast of any changes or issues. Even seemingly minor updates, such as rearranged furniture or relocated outlets, may affect the A/V system’s design, so it’s essential to talk with A/V experts when plans change.

A Trusted A/V Partner of Indiana Architects

Since 1992, AV Designers has worked closely with Indiana architects to deliver user-friendly, reliable A/V solutions for boardrooms, conference rooms, lobbies and office, retail, and dining spaces. Need an experienced A/V partner for your next project? Contact AV Designers today.

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