A Complete Guide to Conference Room A/V

A Complete Guide to Conference Room A/V 

Offices are changing, but conference rooms are here to stay.

A complete guide to conference room A/V. Your conference room is more than a convenient collection of chairs, tables, and monitors. It’s where essential presentations and morale-boosting meetings happen. It’s where important work gets done. However, one of the most important aspects of having a conference room is often overlooked.

Conference rooms give business owners an opportunity to share their company’s values and personality with their clients and employees. The design choices you make in your conference room tell a story about your business. For instance, if your business is committed to accessibility and collaborative problem-solving, your conference room should be equipped with intuitive technology that simplifies the process of working with team members. Your investment in equipment then communicates your commitments to everyone who uses the room. 

Although corporate offices are changing, conference rooms, boardrooms, huddle rooms, and other meeting spaces are here for the long haul. Does your conference room inspire creativity and promote collaboration? Does it tell your company’s story?

In this blog, we share trends in conference room design as well as essential A/V solutions for modern conferencing. 

Conference Room Design Trends for 2021

Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom meetings aren’t going away—and that’s great news for business owners. Video conferencing provides a cost-effective alternative to travel and allows employees to collaborate more efficiently with remote team members. For 2021, business owners are hustling to equip their offices with the latest video conferencing technology. 

This endeavor starts in the conference room. No longer limited to internal business, the conference room provides essential meeting space for both employees and clients. That’s why A/V Designers is committed to helping businesses outfit their conference rooms with innovative video conferencing technology. From acoustic treatments that limit distractions to sophisticated cameras that provide remarkable picture quality, our expert technicians will provide the technology you need to connect with clients virtually.

What technology do you need for your conference room?

Each company’s conference room is different. While there are countless conference room A/V solutions on the market, you should only invest in technology that promotes productivity and aligns with the way your business works. For this post, we’ve collected eight popular options, but before you purchase and install A/V solutions in your conference room, consult with a team of A/V experts.

  • Acoustic Treatments

If your conference room isn’t equipped with the proper acoustic treatments, outside noise and inconsistent audio may interfere with your meetings. By limiting echoes and reverberations, acoustic panels and other sound solutions help you get the most out of your A/V equipment—and your team meetings. 

  • Audio Solutions

When you’re not able to conduct in-person meetings, conference room audio solutions, such as microphones and speaker systems, allow you to listen to your clients’ concerns and needs. As you search for audio equipment, remember that volume isn’t everything. It’s important to consider sound quality as well.  

  • Cable Management Solutions

Conference room clutter is an enemy of productivity. Investing in cable management solutions, equipment storage, and waste bins encourages employees to maintain a clean and efficient meeting space. If you’re especially sensitive to excess wiring, consider purchasing wireless A/V solutions.

  • Cameras 

Essential for video conferencing, cameras let you connect with remote employees and clients. Different conference rooms call for different types of cameras. While simple webcams may suffice for huddle spaces, larger conference rooms typically require more advanced camera systems, such as auto-framing cameras or wide-angle cameras. Consult with an A/V expert to determine which type of camera best suits your conference room. 

  • Control Panels

As video conferencing becomes part of work’s new normal, more and more technology is being included in conference rooms. Control panels streamline operations by allowing you to quickly and efficiently manage all of your technology in one place. Join and schedule meetings, share screens, and control your conference room A/V system — all from your control panel.

  • Displays

Whether you’re presenting for your coworkers or meeting with clients virtually, monitors and projectors facilitate important conversations. Businesses with larger conference rooms may consider installing video walls, which create an immersive conferencing experience, while businesses with smaller conference rooms may choose to use multiple monitors or projector screens. To determine which displays are best for your space, consult with an A/V expert.

  • Room Scheduling Software

Room scheduling software simplifies conference room management. By allowing employees to schedule meetings in advance, this conference room solution prevents double-booking and unwelcome interruptions. 

  • Video Conferencing Technology

Between Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom, there are quite a few video conferencing solutions available for businesses. Before committing to one, it’s important to think critically about which platform best aligns with how you work. Since conference rooms now support both in-person and remote employees, you should select a video conferencing solution that’s simple to operate and available to all employees, regardless of their location.

Conference Room A/V Installation in Indianapolis 

Is your conference room technology in need of an upgrade? AV Designers can help. Since 1992, we’ve provided our partners with custom A/V solutions for their conference rooms, boardrooms, huddle rooms, training rooms, and other meeting spaces. Regardless of the size of your project or the constraints of your budget, our skilled technicians will deliver A/V solutions that lead to more efficient meetings and higher-quality video conferencing. 

Contact AV Designers today for comprehensive consultation, design, and installation services.

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