What Is an A/V Professional?

What Is an A/V Professional?

What is an A/V professional? If you’ve never worked with A/V professionals, it can be difficult to imagine their day-to-day responsibilities. It’s not that A/V technicians are inherently mysterious or that the A/V industry is too complicated for laypeople to understand. It’s that the responsibilities within the industry have evolved over the years. The public perception of A/V professionals hasn’t exactly kept pace with industry advancements.

The truth is that modern they do far more than install speakers and TVs. They work on a wide variety of projects and engage in dynamic, ongoing partnerships with commercial businesses.

In this blog, we cover the basics. We explore the unique skill sets of these  professionals, consider the differences between A/V professionals and IT managers, and share the specific reasons why commercial businesses partner with reliable A/V experts.

What is an A/V Professional?

A/V professionals design, install, and service a range of A/V solutions for their customers. As experts in audio, video, and data management technology, these professionals take on projects of all sizes. They may design and install a fully integrated, custom A/V system for a commercial business one week and then perform essential maintenance on a sports bar’s TV system the following week. A/V professionals are versatile technicians who help businesses find, implement, and fine-tune the A/V solutions they need to move forward. 

What’s the Difference Between A/V Professionals and IT Managers?

They go by many names. Other common job titles include A/V engineers, A/V installers, A/V specialists, and A/V technicians. Although A/V professionals have multiple titles, it’s important to note that A/V professionals are not IT managers. These two positions are commonly confused, but IT managers generally service equipment essential to internet technology. So, if your A/V system is malfunctioning, don’t call an IT manager. Call a reliable A/V professional.

Why Commercial Businesses Partner With A/V Professionals

It’s no surprise that a May 2019 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a job growth of 9% in the A/V industry over the next decade. As remote work increases in popularity and companies become more dependent on technology, more commercial businesses are relying on these professionals to keep their systems up-to-date and running. Between implementing user-friendly solutions that make work easier and addressing equipment problems before they cause distractions, they are invaluable partners for owners and managers of commercial businesses. 

Put simply, commercial businesses partner with A/V experts to implement A/V solutions that drive employee productivity and enhance customer experience. A/V professionals provide technology that allows their partners to work smarter and adapt to the challenges of modern business, such as redesigning the workplace for employee health and safety, promoting collaboration across teams, and creating more efficient conference rooms

Commercial A/V Installation in Indianapolis 

Since 1992, AV Designers has equipped our commercial business partners with custom, intuitive A/V solutions for their boardrooms, conference rooms, lobbies and office and retail spaces. From designing and installing complex A/V systems to providing essential advising and maintenance, AV Designers offers comprehensive A/V services. 

Ready to install a custom A/V system or upgrade your current equipment? Contact AV Designers today, and let a reliable team of A/V experts handle the design and installation of your new technology. Regardless of the size of your project or the constraints of your budget, our skilled technicians will provide A/V solutions that optimize the way you do business. 

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