What Do Commercial Audio Visual Consultants Do?

What Do Commercial Audio Visual Consultants Do?

What do commercial audio visual consultants do? Audio visual projects are complex things, even though the premise is simple. Audio visual technology is used to find solutions to problems, like “How can I play music throughout my store?” or “How can I make sure the audio and visuals are synced up in my sports bar?” These are common problems and as such, there is a multitude of uses for commercial audio visual consultants.

What is AV?

AV stands for audio visual and refers to anything related to experiencing sound- or sight-based media. Microphones, speakers, amps, and screens all fall under the audio visual technology umbrella. These forms of technology are of course used personally (think about the screen, speakers, and microphone in your smartphone), but unless you’re planning on building a state of the art home movie theater, personal use does not require the use of an audio visual consultant. Commercial audio visual consultants, as the name suggests, deal primarily with AV technology in service of a larger audience, like sports bar patrons or students in a lecture hall. These spaces require AV solutions that go beyond a simple speaker, and instead must use a system of technology. These systems must be carefully thought through and planned in order to insure maximum efficacy. That’s where commercial audio visual consultants come in.

AV Consultancy

A commercial AV consultant takes clients through the entire process of solving their audio visual problem. This requires a series of different steps, including design, construction, and installation.

First, the client will inform the consultant of their audio visual needs. This step is not as simple as it seems: every detail and use case of the AV solution will be tailored to information gained through communication with the client. Importantly, these communications should reveal how much the intended audio visual system can be modified and scaled to anticipate future needs. Furthermore, this is a good time to discuss possible accessibility needs in terms of the audio visual system.

Next, the commercial audio visual consultant will design a system that fits the specific needs of the client. This not only includes poring over a large catalog of audio visual equipment to find the right pieces of tech to do the job, but also managing aesthetics and user-friendliness. Importantly, the consultant also must consider the costs of the AV equipment and its installation. The design step is the most crucial, as a complete design should reflect a balance between the client’s needs and their budget. That is why continued communication between the client and AV consultant is just as integral here as during the conceptualization phase! The design will likely be reviewed and revised internally by the commercial audio visual consultant team several times before it is again reviewed and revised in communication with the client.

Once the design is finalized, it’s time for installation! Installation is incredibly rewarding, as all of the conceptualization and design finally gets to prove its mettle. However, this step is not quite as simple as plugging everything in. Because audio visual equipment requires a large amount of communication between devices and many settings need to be tweaked for an individual client’s space, installation requires a series of on-site adjustments. These adjustments ensure that the conceptualization and design of the AV system reach their maximum potential. Once the AV system is optimized and ready for client use, the client will be given an overview of how to use it.

Commercial audio visual consultants walk with clients through the process of conceptualizing, designing, and installing an AV solution. Looking for a consultation team for your AV project? Contact us today to begin talking about what a commercial audio visual system can do for you!


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