3 Things to Look For in an AV Installation Specialist

3 Things to Look For in an AV Installation Specialist

3 things to look for in an AV installation specialist. Installing audio visual (AV) equipment is not an easy task. AV technology is always advancing and growing, so there is always more to learn in an already nebulous field. And because you may be interacting with your AV installation every single day, it’s imperative that your AV installation specialist is up to the challenge. 


1. Experience with similar projects

There’s a vast array of applications for AV technology, which is why the right AV installation specialist for your project should be knowledgeable not just about general AV tech, but specifically about equipment pertinent to your project. Installing a CCTV surveillance system and installing a video conference system are two vastly different rodeos. In fact, one of the few things they have in common is that an AV installation specialist does both! That’s why it’s important to look at the portfolio of the installation specialist you are considering.


Within an AV company’s portfolio, you will see its past projects. Hopefully, the portfolio is set up so that it is easy to find projects of different types. For example, our AV Designers portfolio is categorized so that clients may view works for similar kinds of businesses and applications. These categories make it clear what kinds of projects we have the most experience with and how effective we were in installing the AV solution.


2. Glowing Testimonials or Reviews

Similar to the portfolio, an AV installation specialist should have public testimonials or reviews that reflect the quality of their work and how easy it is to work with them. Both of these factors are integral to a successful AV solution, and a good installation specialist will put time and effort into improving themselves in these areas every day. 


Any AV installation specialist worth their salt should have testimonials on their website. While the number of testimonials may not seem to matter, it may speak volumes about the projects they do not have testimonials for. Look for testimonials that represent more than a quarter of their project. Some companies may have a very large number of projects, in which case make sure they have at least ten posted testimonials.


When looking through reviews and testimonials, evaluate not only that it is positive or negative, but what specific aspects shaped the client’s experience. For AV installation specifically, it’s a good idea to note the quality of the equipment, how easy it is to use, and, if possible, how long the equipment has successfully been in use. Check out our testimonials page for some examples.

3. Ease of communication

A great specialist is also a great communicator. A client should be able to discuss their project with the AV company at any time, but communication is especially vital during and after installation. The installation specialist should be able to clearly explain the AV solution to its intended users, especially in terms of the user interface. Additionally, the AV installation specialist will be responsible for taking your calls regarding repairs and damages that will inevitably occur over the lifetime of any piece of AV equipment. Because of this, it’s important that you are comfortable communicating with your installation specialist and find it easy to describe issues you may be facing.


Because AV technology is complex and has a large number of uses, it is important that your AV installation specialist is not just going through the motions. Every AV solution is unique and so is every client! The best specialists not only know this but respond to it directly in the way they work.


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