The Hottest Audio Video Trends of 2022

As hard as it is to imagine, instant messaging and video chatting were once spoken of as innovative technology of the future. And while these advancements have greatly enhanced the role of technology in the workplace, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the lookout for even greater upgrades.

The world of audio visual technology is evolving constantly, especially as it relates to the workplace. Every year companies are finding new ways to connect with clients and streamline their processes.

Read on to find a list of audio visual trends to keep an eye on in 2022. And for help implementing new A/V features into your commercial workspace, contact AV Designers today.

Touchless Environments and Increased Automation

Largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have experienced a quick transition to highly automated environments. Automated environments have the benefit of not only making equipment easier to use, but also minimizing the number of shared surfaces that employees come into contact with.

In terms of specific features, occupancy sensors are expected to see a rise in popularity. which control elements such as lighting, temperature, and window shade angle after sensing someone has entered the room. Automatic projector screen setups work similarly and reduce the amount of work required to prepare for a presentation.

While many of these elements can today be controlled via a remote control system, even these will likely become obsolete in the near future. As this trend rises in popularity this year, you can look forward to simply walking into a room and getting right to work.

Live Streaming

With many professionals continuing to work from home even once it becomes safe to return to the office, live streaming equipment is more in demand than ever.

Advancements in live streaming technology this year will allow for clearer audio and picture, as well as more opportunities for engagement with the audience and enhanced messaging capabilities. This way, you can conduct your presentations from anywhere without worrying about technical difficulties getting in your way.

Hybrid Environments

While many professionals opt to work from home whenever possible, they may benefit from time spent in a communal workspace. Hybrid environments are the solution to this new demand.

There are several advantages to a hybrid working environment, from lowering health exposure risks to reducing corporate travel. As more and more companies switch to this model, AV systems that cater to a hybrid workspace are subsequently becoming more common.

Remote Management Software

Due partly to the pandemic and partly to a desire to maximize efficiency, remote management software is also projected to see a rise in popularity this year.

Remote management software allows an individual or small group to review the status of a set of meeting spaces simply by logging into a remote system. From this remote system, users can view the status of all devices, as well as troubleshoot problems and conduct routine maintenance.

In addition to maximizing efficiency, this new software eliminates the need to keep staff on-site simply to resolve such technical issues and allows you to allocate your resources elsewhere.

Wireless Conferencing

Many companies are taking advantage of the growing desire to work from home and working to eliminate the need to be on-site at all. As such, wireless conferencing is undergoing a significant rise in demand.

With wireless conferencing software, you can host a meeting no matter where you are. Users can connect to the software from any device and interact with virtual attendees using a wide range of features that are not offered by software that is designed simply for video-chatting.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance

While upgrading to the latest audio visual software is essential for running a successful company, maintaining your equipment is just as important.

As many companies begin to prioritize their AV technology, there has been an increase in the demand for technicians to maximize the lifespan of their equipment. To ensure repairs and maintenance are conducted as necessary, businesses have begun to employ on-site integrators.

Not only does this practice minimize equipment failures and the need for upgrades, but it also saves companies money in the long run.

Video Walls

Gone are the days of tiny video monitors and pull-down projecting screens. As the need for large video displays in commercial spaces increases, full video walls have seen a spike in popularity.

While projection screens have been popularized in the past due to their lower costs, this benefit no longer applies. Today, the price of video walls is increasingly similar to that of a projection screen, and still, the benefits greatly outweigh the small difference in cost.

One of the biggest benefits of video walls is that their clarity will not diminish in the presence of ambient or artificial light. This differs greatly from projector screens, whose effectiveness depends on the lighting in the room.

Additionally, video screens have higher resolutions and offer a clearer picture, so you can ensure your work is seen by all of your attendees.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is another AV trend that has gained popularity during the pandemic.

Digital signage allows you to communicate important messages and information with your staff in real-time, using enhanced imagery that facilitates greater viewer engagement.

Additionally, digital signage works in tandem with your security system, as it can monitor occupancy levels, and provide video surveillance while working as a constructive tool in your workspace.

Upgrade Your AV Tech with AV Designers

Audio visual technology is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of a modern workspace.

As you work to implement new software and equipment into your workspace, you’ll likely benefit from professional expertise. Luckily, AV Designers is here to help.

Contact AV Designers today to upgrade your AV technology and design a workspace that maximizes your efficiency and success.

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