Sports Bar AV Technology Tips for 2021

Sports Bar AV Technology Tips for 2021

Sports bar AV technology tips for 2021. The NBA Playoffs. UEFA EURO 2020. The Tokyo Olympics. There’s no shortage of major sporting events this summer. With competitions heating up, fans are ready to finally return to sports bars to cheer on their favorite teams and home countries. 

This enthusiasm is welcome news for the food industry at large, but it’s especially heartening for the owners and employees of local sports bars and restaurants. 

Is your sports bar’s AV system ready to entertain a new wave of die-hard fans? Bar owners should say goodbye to small displays and inconsistent streaming performance before they deter would-be customers. 

In this post, we’ll provide AV technology insights that every sports bar should be aware of in 2021. 

Fans won’t settle for lackluster visuals

Most fans frequent sports bars for three things: food, drinks, and good TVs—so it’s not news that bars need high-quality displays. But as home entertainment systems become increasingly complex, sports bars have to do more to convince fans that game days are best spent outside of the home. 

Designing bar TV systems that customers will love comes down to two key factors: display quality and placement. Sports fans generally ask more of their TVs than casual viewers do. Games move quickly, and not every TV can keep pace with the action. Many sports bars choose TVs with motion blur prevention technology so that poor visual performance doesn’t negatively affect patron experience. Remember: TVs are the core technology of any bar or restaurant’s AV system. With that in mind, bar owners and their AV system designers should make sure that TVs are visible from every seat in the bar. 

Working with a tight budget? With all the cheap TVs currently on the market, it can be tempting for sports bar owners to value the best deal over the best fit for their customer base. But TVs are the most important element of a sports bar’s AV system. Investing in high-quality displays is a must. If budgetary constraints are a problem, talk to your AV partner. AV installers are experts in finding solutions that save their partners money without sacrificing system quality.

Don’t overlook audio system performance

The best sports bars allow guests to consume everything happening in the world of sports at once. With different games on almost every screen, customers can engage with the games in which they’re most interested and disregard the rest—that is, unless the bar’s audio system is outdated.

Most customers want to listen to commentary for the game they’re viewing. With multi-zone audio systems, bar owners can make sure that happens. These systems allow fans in different sections to listen to different games. Speaker presets ensure that one game’s audio doesn’t interfere with another game’s play-by-play announcing. 

The way fans watch sports is changing

Audiences consume sports differently than they did a decade ago. As fantasy sports, real-time sports betting, and esports become more and more popular, fans aren’t just interested in which game is on TV. They’re also interested in participating in the games and conversations surrounding each live competition. As these trends gain steam, restaurants and sports bars can’t live in the past. Owners and operators have to adapt to how their guests consume sports now. 

How can bars provide modern viewing experiences for their guests? It all starts with access to Wi-Fi. Wireless internet is no longer a trendy amenity. It’s an essential element of any sports bar AV system. Sports bars are a vital part of the sports and entertainment ecosystem. But without a wireless connection, bars risk isolating fans from today’s large and robust sporting community. 

There’s no way around it. Modern fans need to be able to join the online discourse for each event and check their fantasy football scores at will. Because of this, access to wireless internet is arguably as important as having a high-quality television system.

AV technology for sports bars in Indiana

A well-designed AV system can be the difference between a good sports bar and a beloved game day destination. Does your bar have the technology it needs to appeal to today’s fans?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current equipment or install a brand new AV system for your sports bar, the experts at AV Designers can help. Contact us today for comprehensive consultation, design, and installation services.

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