Commercial Audio Video Design Trends for 2021

Commercial Audio Video Design Trends for 2021

Commercial audio video design trends for 2021. Many commercial spaces shut down or operated at reduced capacities during the COVID-19 pandemic. But throughout 2021, employees, clients, and customers are steadily returning—and their AV needs have changed. 

Is your commercial building equipped with the technology end-users now expect? And what technology is now non-negotiable for guests and employees? In this post, we outline this year’s most noteworthy commercial AV design trends. 

All signs point to digital signage

Some business owners think investing in digital signage is a matter of displaying their company logos on TVs instead of purchasing a physical sign. While digital signage is a popular way to increase brand awareness, it can do far more than display corporate marketing materials. When installed in modern commercial spaces, digital signage can streamline wayfinding, simplify room scheduling, and communicate occupancy in busy areas.  

Larger commercial buildings and offices can be hard to navigate (especially for the potential customers who employees want to impress). Interactive digital signage that provides directions and displays detailed maps can help visitors successfully get to where they need to go. This functionality is increasingly important in today’s business environment, as many companies are looking for ways to reduce face-to-face meetings when possible. Installing digital signage with basic video conferencing capabilities at the entrance of an office allows businesses to greet guests while promoting contactless interactions.

Digital signage can also be used to increase productivity within commercial spaces. A popular piece of conference room technology, digital signage can be paired with room scheduling software to streamline conference room management. By facilitating room bookings and communicating occupancy, digital signage can reduce unwelcome meeting interruptions and help employees use office amenities more efficiently. 

Many businesses invest in digital signage due to its versatility. Business owners don’t have to choose between wayfinding technology, scheduling systems, and occupancy sensors. This AV solution can be deployed to address all these needs—and much more. 

Promoting healthy interactions with hands-free technology

Following the pandemic, building owners and office managers are attempting to make commercial spaces as safe as possible. An important part of this effort is reducing the number of surfaces end-users have to touch. As a result, hands-free technology—such as BYOD conferencing systems and touchless office temperature controls—is gaining traction. It makes sense: Fewer touchpoints means fewer opportunities to spread germs.

Preparing conference rooms, huddle rooms, and other shared spaces for returning employees provides a great opportunity for IT and office managers to reevaluate their commercial AV systems. Are all those old cords and power switches necessary, or could they be replaced with modern solutions that enable wireless connections and app-based controls? Updating these systems now could result in more efficient systems and healthier employees.

Conference rooms are back (even if employees aren’t)

Across the country, workers are finally returning to commercial office buildings, but they’re bringing their wireless headsets and webcams with them. 

Even though some employees are welcoming the return of in-person meetings, they shouldn’t expect video conferencing to disappear. Over the past year, Zoom, Teams, Skype, Webex, and several other onlines meeting platforms have become essential components of the modern workday. With businesses embracing hybrid work models, commercial offices must be equipped with modern video conferencing technology to connect in-person employees with remote team members and customers. 

Does this shift signal the end of conference rooms? Not so fast. Although the way many employees work is changing, conference rooms, boardrooms, huddle rooms, and other meeting spaces are here to stay. Why? Because these spaces can be easily outfitted with large-group video conferencing technology. From portable microphones that pick up audio anywhere in the room to high-quality web cameras that detect who’s talking, commercial businesses can invest in accessible AV solutions that keep their conference rooms up-to-date and facilitate efficient online conversations. 

Commercial AV system designers 

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