Installing a CCTV Surveillance System? Start Here.

Installing a CCTV Surveillance System? Start Here.

Installing a CCTV Surveillance System? Start Here. Thinking about investing in a CCTV surveillance system? Make sure you assess your company’s needs first.

It’s never fun to think about all the things that could go wrong—especially when you’re thinking about your business. But theft, property damage, and natural disasters like fires and floods happen. Thanks to today’s video surveillance technology, business owners don’t have to stress about these calamities all the time. CCTV surveillance systems can protect businesses against unwanted intrusions and alert employees if emergency responses are necessary. 

Security systems can be costly, but many business owners consider them an essential purchase. Before property owners and managers invest in this common workplace safety technology, it’s important to do some research. Most businesses have different security needs, and because of that, most businesses will install different CCTV equipment. 

How do you know which security system is right for your workplace? This post will help you answer that question. We explore CCTV security system basics and answer the three questions every business owner should ask before buying a system. 

How does a CCTV security system work?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems are a type of video system that leverages a network of cameras, wiring, on-premise or cloud-based data storage systems, monitors, and control panels to record and transmit surveillance footage in real time. These systems can also record footage for playback, notify property managers of disturbances and package deliveries, and send alerts to occupants if hazardous events occur. 

While most CCTV systems offer similar basic functionality, it’s important to note that not all surveillance packages work the same way. Systems vary based on how they store and process data, how many cameras they use, and how many advanced features they offer. 

What to look for before buying CCTV surveillance systems

No one should compromise on the safety of their business. Before you invest in modern security technology, ask yourself these three questions. 

  • Which type of video surveillance network does your business need?

Before investing in a security system, business owners should talk to their professional installer about the unique advantages and disadvantages of digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR), and hybrid systems. There are two main differences between DVR and NVR systems: how they connect to a company’s network and what level of video quality they offer. Whereas DVRs require a hardwired connection and generally provide average video resolution, NVRs can connect wirelessly to a company’s WiFi and produce high-definition video. For this reason, NVR systems are generally more scalable. Hybrid systems combine elements of DVRs and NVRs.

  • How many security cameras should my business install?

Video surveillance systems allow business owners to remain vigilant and monitor key areas of their properties—but only if cameras are installed in the correct locations. So where should you install CCTV cameras? The answer is simple: wherever you need coverage. Before installing security camera systems, business owners and their AV partners should identify the places that need to be monitored and add cameras at each of those flagged locations.

  • What video camera features will best protect my business?


The types of cameras you install will depend on the type of security system you choose, as DVR systems do not support wireless surveillance cameras. In general, property managers should prioritize the size of the system and the clarity of the footage. Surveillance systems should be large enough to monitor all key areas, and each camera’s resolution should be high enough to produce quality footage at all times of day and in all types of weather. Many business owners also prioritize features like motion detection and night vision to keep their buildings safe after working hours.

Keeping businesses safe with CCTV technology 

Closed-circuit surveillance systems are a big investment for small businesses. When you’re ready to install security cameras, make sure that you find a CCTV installation partner that can recommend camera locations and advise on the most important features. 

Since 1992, AV Designers has helped Indiana businesses keep their employees and properties safe and secure with CCTV surveillance systems. Looking to ramp up security at your workplace? Get in touch with AV Designers. Our expert technicians will find the right equipment for your company’s needs and budget. 

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