AV Design and Installation at Bloomington Restaurant

AV Design and Installation at Bloomington Restaurant


As an integral part of the IU campus community, we collaborated with our client to enhance their entire audio and video systems, aiming to provide greater flexibility and ease of use. Their objective was to seamlessly transmit digital signage, satellite TV, and streaming content to all 53 displays and 5 audio zones situated across the facility as needed.

Our approach involved the design and implementation of three distinct IT networks, interconnecting two separate buildings. These networks encompassed the Point of Sale system, WiFi network, as well as IP audio and video distribution. The outcome was a robust audio and video infrastructure that could effortlessly distribute satellite programming, streaming video, digital signage, karaoke, jukebox, and live entertainment, all unified on a single platform. Furthermore, the design allowed for the convenient addition of 20-30 extra displays in the future.

To ensure user-friendly control and distribution of audio, video, and digital signage content throughout the establishment, our solution incorporated iPads equipped with built-in feedback mechanisms. This setup provided a comprehensive and adaptable audio and video platform that met our client’s evolving needs, catering to both their existing and newly expanded space.