Why IT Managers Partner With A/V Professionals

Why IT Managers Partner With A/V Professionals

Why IT  managers partner with A/V professionals. IT managers and A/V professionals need to collaborate. The future of work may depend on it.

IT specialists and A/V professionals are so misunderstood.

Since both provide specialized technological support, their roles are often confused. But calling an IT manager an A/V technician is like mistaking a lemon for a lime. Sure, it’s not the worst mistake a person can make, but it’s still a consequential one. When people use these job titles interchangeably, it fuels the misconception that IT managers and A/V technicians carry out the same job. 

Let’s take this analogy a step further. Yes, both lemons and limes are tart citrus fruits. And yes, both of these tart citrus fruits serve a variety of culinary purposes. But no matter how many similarities they share, lemons are still lemons and limes are still limes. (Try using lemon juice instead of lime juice in a margarita. It just doesn’t work.)

At the end of the day, both IT specialists and A/V installers are highly skilled professionals who provide essential technological services. However, IT specialists generally manage equipment that is vital to internet technology, and A/V professionals typically help businesses design, install, and fine-tune audio, video, and data management technology. 

IT managers handle IT issues. A/V technicians solve A/V problems. 

We’re stressing the difference between IT managers and A/V experts because it matters. It matters to IT and A/V professionals, and it matters to the success of their respective industries. Each of these types of tech professionals possesses specialized knowledge—and now is the time to share it. 

In order to help businesses prepare for the future of work, IT specialists and A/V technicians need to leverage their expertise and collaborate with each other to build better IT and audio visual systems. In this blog post, we explore why IT specialists and A/V experts should work together. 

Why IT Managers Partner With A/V Professionals

As companies incorporate remote work into their business models, and as workplaces become increasingly dependent on video conferencing technology, IT managers are partnering with A/V professionals to keep their systems up-to-date and online. By installing easy-to-use, secure solutions that make collaborating with remote workers easier and addressing equipment problems before they lead to costly repair jobs, A/V professionals are essential partners for IT managers and business owners. 

Here are three of the most important reasons why IT managers choose to work with A/V professionals.

  • A/V specialists are experts in system design

Although IT specialists and A/V technicians occupy different roles, it would be foolish to think that a company’s IT and A/V networks are somehow unrelated. Today, more and more businesses are finding that housing IT and A/V on a single network improves their bottom line and simplifies maintenance. However, creating a secure and properly configured integrated network requires time and planning. Designing an efficient and scalable network that is able to handle a company’s IT and A/V needs depends upon the collaboration of IT and A/V professionals. 

For IT managers, coordinating with A/V experts on network design allows for a meaningful exchange of expertise. This exchange helps them avoid the unnecessary costs, delays, and office design eyesores that come with treating A/V technology as an afterthought.

  • A/V specialists value network security

IT managers have to worry about network security. It’s their job. Although some IT specialists see new A/V equipment as a threat to network integrity, reliable A/V professionals find creative A/V solutions that fit within the IT department’s security standards. In other words, skilled A/V system designers care about security just as much as IT managers do. 

At the beginning of your next A/V project, discuss your security requirements with your installer. Doing so will help them find and install equipment that meets departmental standards and maintains the network’s speed and bandwidth.

  • A/V specialists provide training and ongoing support

Good A/V technicians complement the work of the IT department instead of interfering with it. By designing intuitive A/V solutions and training employees on basic system functions and maintenance practices, A/V professionals reduce the amount of time IT specialists spend on troubleshooting equipment errors. With support work occupying less of the IT department’s time, IT specialists can focus on creating a safer, faster, and more scalable network. 

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