Sports Bar TV System Essentials

Sports Bar TV System Essentials

A high-performing A/V system can be the difference between a run-of-the-mill sports bar and a bona fide game day destination. From West Coast IPAs to Wi-Fi, fans trust sports bars to deliver everything they need to watch the game. Does your bar have the technology it needs to provide an immersive viewing experience?

Required Technology for Every Sports Bar

Without a high-quality TV system, a sports bar is just another bar. The following five A/V solutions will help you create a dynamic game day atmosphere for your customers.  

Flat Screen TVs

The foundational element of any bar or restaurant’s A/V system, flat screen TVs should be visible from every seat in your bar. For sports fans, both picture size and picture quality matter, so be sure to invest in large TVs with motion-blur-prevention technology. 

A/V Distribution Systems

Installing an A/V distribution system allows you to play different channels on each TV while connecting your TVs to the same receiver, reducing costs and eliminating excessive devices and wiring. 

Multi-Zone Distributed Audio Systems 

Your customers should be listening to the game they’re watching. Multi-zone audio systems ensure one game’s play-by-play commentary doesn’t drown out the audio from a different game. 

Control Systems

Spend less time looking for remotes and more time mixing drinks. With an integrated control system, staff members can quickly manage all of your A/V systems from a single remote or tablet. User-friendly and reliable, these devices make it easy to adjust the volume or change the channel of any television in your bar. 


Although Wi-Fi isn’t technically part of your television system, it’s necessary for modern sports viewing. Between fantasy sports and live commentary on social media, today’s game-time experience isn’t limited to the television screen. Because of this, fans expect sports bars to provide fast, reliable and secure internet connections. 

Redefining the Modern Sports Bar Experience

The way fans consume sports is changing. That means sports bars have to change too.

Across the country, sports bars are beginning to adapt to customer viewing habits by creating innovative environments that integrate esports and online sports betting into their offerings. As a result, fans are frequenting these bars not just to watch games but to actively participate in them. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your offerings or simply upgrade your current equipment, AV Designers can help. Contact us today for comprehensive consultation, design and installation services.

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