How The Gaming Industry Found Its Way Into Restaurants


Interest in esports is growing rapidly thanks to streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube  and a shocking number of high-profile investments. Even traditional sports leagues, from the NBA to NASCAR, have created esports programs to expand their influence and gain insights into the habits of younger demographics of fans. But what connects the world of competitive gaming to restaurants? 

A Brief Introduction to eSports

Esports refers to the burgeoning world of organized, professional-level online gaming. Capacious in its scope, esports is not limited to games that take conventional sports as their subjects. While some players may specialize in Madden NFL 21, there are teams and leagues devoted to the Call of Duty franchise and Fortnite, among many other games. Like other professional athletes, these players undertake rigorous practice schedules to prepare for regular competitions and tournaments.

Esports in the Restaurant Industry

If industry experts are to be believed, the popularity and profitability of eSports will only increase in the coming years. According to Newzoo, an analytics company that specializes in games and eSports market research, the industry’s 2019 revenue was approximately $1.1 billion, a nearly 27 percent rise from the previous year. Therefore, it’s no surprise that restaurants and sports bars are beginning to take interest in the alluring world of esports.

Across the country, popular restaurant chains and sports bars, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle and Jersey Mike’s Subs, are finding creative ways to integrate esports and online sports betting into their offerings. Hoping to appeal to new demographics, namely younger, digitally-engaged individuals, and expand the virtual reach of their brands, these restaurants are sponsoring esports competitions, launching their own Twitch channels, partnering with esports influencers and redesigning their locations to accommodate in-house gaming. As a result, fans are frequenting these locations not just to watch the competitions but to actively participate in them. 

Redefining the Modern Sports Viewing Experience

The way fans consume sports is changing. That means restaurants and sports bars have to change too.

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