5 Things To Consider When Installing Gymnasium A/V Systems

The go-to space for hosting athletic competitions, performances and other important events, school gymnasiums are incredibly versatile educational facilities. Since educators rely on these large, multipurpose spaces to serve both the needs of their students and their community, it’s important that gymnasiums are equipped with reliable and easy-to-use A/V systems. 

Let’s face it: a spotty or underperforming A/V system interferes with an event’s content and schedule. No one wants to interrupt a performance or game to troubleshoot system errors. At the end of the day, a high-performing A/V system can be the difference between a good event and a great one. To ensure that your events tend toward the latter, consider investing in these five A/V solutions when you install your gym’s A/V system.

High-Quality Audio Systems

When the school choir performs, they shouldn’t have to compete with unpleasant static and reverberations, and when you pick up the microphone to address a crowd, the crowd should be able to hear what you’re saying. Put simply, the success of your events depends — in large part — on your speaker system. 

Here’s the problem: there’s no one-size-fits-all gymnasium speaker system package. The types of speakers required and the places in which they’re installed will depend on your gym’s unique architectural features and your specific needs. To find a high-quality speaker system that will perform best in your gymnasium, get in touch with an A/V expert

Acoustic Treatments

While audio systems allow you to easily distribute and control sound in your school gymnasium, they simply cannot compete with certain architectural elements. Some common features of school gymnasiums, such as hard surfaces and high ceilings, present challenges for speaker systems. Installing acoustic panels and other sound absorption solutions can combat these environmental factors, reducing echoes and reverberations and creating a more comfortable listening experience for students and community members. 

Projectors and Projector Screens

When you’re sharing videos, presentations and other important graphics with a large audience, you need a large screen. Installing projectors and projector screens fulfills this requirement while outfitting your gym with low-maintenance equipment that’s simple to operate. This visual solution also allows you to preserve your gymnasium’s most desirable feature: flexibility. Projector screens can collapse during sporting events to prevent damage and unfold when you’re ready to use them again.

Digital Signage

A popular solution for multipurpose spaces, digital signage allows you to quickly and easily share custom promotional materials for any event. Whether you’re displaying a branded slideshow during an assembly or highlighting community sponsors at a basketball game, digital signage lets you adapt to your audience’s present needs. In addition, by installing a network of LCD, LED or 4K monitors, you can make sure that everyone in the gym has access to the materials you’re sharing.

Professional A/V Design and Installation Services

Investing in high-quality A/V equipment doesn’t necessarily guarantee a high-quality A/V experience. When your system is poorly designed or haphazardly installed, all of that costly gear may sound, well, cheap. To handle the many A/V challenges presented by large multipurpose spaces and get the most out of your equipment, consider partnering with a reliable A/V expert.

Are you looking to upgrade your gym’s A/V system or invest in a new one? Reach out to AV Designers today for comprehensive consultation, design and installation services.

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