A/V Advising Services

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A/V Advising Services

Maintenance is hard to spell and easy to forget. That’s why AV Designers offers A/V advising services.

Declining picture quality, inconsistent speaker performance and unreliable streaming connections aren’t just minor annoyances. They’re often signs that your equipment is about to break. When you sign up for our advising services, an A/V expert will conduct a comprehensive systems assessment, perform essential maintenance and compose a detailed report on your systems — allowing you to intervene before preventable problems cost you money.

We get it. Maintenance doesn’t always sound fun, but it is necessary. Investing in your systems now means that malfunctions won’t interrupt the fun — say, the big game — later.

Let us do the dirty work.

We can’t accurately test your projectors, sound systems, TVs and other equipment unless they’re all in the best possible condition — so we clean them first. Deep cleaning systems and storage units, such as mounts and racks, allows our experts to catch problems before they interrupt service. When it comes to critical failures, built-up dust and dirt are too often the culprits.

Eliminate problems before they’re problems.

Don’t let broken equipment and service interruptions catch you by surprise. Our systems assessment puts you in control. From identifying damaged equipment to testing picture quality and screen alignment, and from analyzing the sound quality of your speaker systems to verifying connections with all television and music providers, our experts will analyze your systems and make minor adjustments to get the most out of your equipment. 

Learn from A/V experts.

If we make adjustments, we’ll explain why. If we find problems, we’ll recommend fixes.

After our assessment, you’ll receive a thorough report that explains any changes, updates hours of equipment use and identifies potential problems, giving you a detailed understanding of where your systems are at and how to make them more reliable.

Don’t wait for something to break. Contact AV Designers to schedule your A/V advising appointment today.

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