The Best AV Equipment to Have in a Conference Room

The Best AV Equipment to Have in a Conference Room

Having the proper AV solutions for conference rooms is a must in a modern business environment. If you’re behind when it comes to audio and video technology, you may struggle to stay relevant. 

Not sure what equipment you actually need in a modern conference room? Here’s a look at the essential AV equipment to have in your conference rooms. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it should help you interface with colleagues and clients successfully and help your business run smoothly and efficiently. 

Video Conferencing Equipment

Video conferencing is of extreme importance right now. Never before has it been so crucial to be able to see and hear your colleagues and clients. Services like Zoom, Teams, StarLeaf, Skype, and many others make this possible, but if you don’t have the right equipment it can be hard to make this work in a conference room setting. You’ll need large displays and properly placed cameras to make this work. Also, some good speakers and microphones, which we’ll discuss more in-depth below, are required. 

Projector or VideoWall

Have several people in a conference room often? Need to showcase presentations and large amounts of information to numerous people at once? A projector is your best friend. In smaller conference rooms, a large 4K TV might make the cut, but once you get into larger rooms, a projector is an absolute must-have. 

Conferencing Phone

Sometimes you don’t need to video conference. Often just a simple conference call will do the trick and it’s often easier to set up. That’s why a conferencing telephone designed for a meeting or conference room is still a staple in many office buildings. A conferencing phone with a designated landline can also serve as a reliable back-up if you experience issues with other audio conferencing options. 

Top-Quality Speakers

Having top quality video is great, but excellent audio is usually more important. Visuals are excellent aids, but without the right speakers and the proper connection, you’ll not get all of the information you need. Top-quality speakers are an absolute necessity for conference rooms. They will be used in many different applications from presentations to video and audio calls. 

Wireless Presentation Setup System

Wireless setup isn’t required, but it often makes using the technology easier than ever before. It also makes for a clean aesthetic in a conference room, and if you’re meeting with clients regularly you want to present a professional and well-organized image. Going wireless could be a good way of doing that. Outside presenters can use their own devices.

Are your conference rooms out of date or ill-equipped? Let’s chat. We can offer you a no-obligation consultation to show you what you’re missing. Contact us today to set up a conversation.

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