Patio TV Tips For Your Restaurant or Bar

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Patio TV Tips For Your Restaurant or Bar

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Rated TVs

You have decided to add TVs for your Patio guests. You have considered your TV locations and mounting method and figured out how to get a video signal and electrical power to the TVs. Now you need to select your display. Should you go with an indoor or outdoor rated unit? Here are some things to consider. 

Displays that are located outside are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations, wind, rain, bugs, and sunlight. 

Outdoor rated TVs are designed to help the display avoid damage from these elements, have brighter screens to help offset sunlight, and are generally tolerant of the outdoor environment. They may also offer a warranty for usage in this environment, however, they tend to be more expensive. 

Indoor TVs are generally not designed to be exposed to moisture, humidity, insects, and wide temperature fluctuations but are less expensive. They will possibly not be as bright, which may cause a problem in direct sunlight. It is doubtful that the Manufacturer will warranty any failures if it is used outside. It will almost certainly fail sooner than an outdoor rated TV. 

It is possible to extend the life of an indoor TV being used outside by removing and storing the TV inside when not in use or using a TV cover or an aftermarket TV housing to protect the display. These TV cover and housing manufacturers generally provide warranties on their products but not on the display itself. Please note that if the display is plugged in and connected to a video source, even while not in use, some of the circuits will be energized and are susceptible to damage.

It is recommended to balance the cost and convenience of an outdoor rated TV relative to the effort and expense of the indoor rated display and cover/housing. There are several options available for housings, covers, and outdoor-rated TVs so it may be wise to research your options carefully and/or consult with a professional audio video contractor (AV Designers) who has experience with products for this application.

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