Audio Visual Systems for Schools and Universities

Audio Visual Systems for Schools and Universities

Audio visual systems for schools and universities. Many of today’s students are very technologically literate. They’re on social media. They have a queue of go-to YouTubers and Twitch influencers. And chances are good that most of them can type more words per minute than their parents or guardians. 

Schools and educators can’t ignore this reality. They have to meet these tech-savvy students where they are. That’s why integrating AV technology in academic environments matters. Adding AV solutions to classrooms can encourage more student engagement, teach students how to responsibly use technology, and help teachers create more relatable and interactive lesson plans.

How then can administrators and educators find and install the technology their students need? In this post, we explore common classroom AV solutions and consider how this technology promotes student—and teacher—success. 

Audio Visual Systems for Schools and Universities

For educators, finding and installing the right technology can encourage focus and improve student outcomes. But every school has specific AV needs. Before administrators or teachers purchase AV equipment for their classrooms, they should consult with AV specialists to determine which solutions will add the most value. 

Although schools should partner with AV professionals to determine the specifics of their audio visual systems, many classrooms can benefit from the same three types of solutions: audio systems, video systems, and video conferencing equipment.

Keeping students engaged with modern sound systems

Even the best lesson plans fail when students can’t hear important media. Installing classroom audio systems and modern intercom systems for schools can help keep students engaged with class materials. From ceiling speaker systems for full-room audio coverage to distributed bluetooth speaker systems for portability, AV installers can provide schools with a range of easy-to-use classroom audio solutions. To figure out which speakers will respond best to your classroom’s layout, get in touch with an A/V expert.

Encouraging interaction with classroom video systems

Maintaining young students’ attention for an extended period of time can be a tall task—even with the best classroom technology. But high-quality classroom video systems help educators combat distractions and share important information, such as relevant videos, important graphics, and notes for the day’s lesson. Between displays, projectors and projector screens, and interactive whiteboards, educators have access to several different solutions with unique advantages. While displays and projector systems offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, interactive whiteboards allow for more captivating presentations and seamless collaboration. 

Improving collaboration with video conferencing technology 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools and universities adopted video conferencing platforms out of necessity. Although students across the country are returning to in-person classes, video conferencing solutions are still useful technology for educators. From creating remote learning opportunities to making group projects more accessible, virtual meetings may play an important role in the classroom of the future. 

Platforms like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom are easy to install, but simply downloading these solutions doesn’t guarantee a high-quality video conferencing experience. If web conferencing is here to stay, teachers need to have the right equipment to complement these platforms. From portable microphones and headsets to professional grade web cameras, schools can invest in video conferencing technology that allows teachers and students to better connect with each other. 

AV equipment for gyms and large event spaces

The classroom isn’t the only educational environment that benefits from up-to-date audio visual technology. As the go-to place for athletic events, student performances, and school-wide meetings, gymnasiums are highly important educational facilities. Since administrators and teachers rely on these multipurpose spaces to host events for their students and the community, school gymnasiums should be outfitted with modern and reliable AV technology.

The right gymnasium AV solutions can be the difference between a great event and a lackluster one. In order to make sure you experience more of the former than the latter, consider investing in audio systems tailored to the size and shape of your gym as well as acoustic treatments to reduce unpleasant echoes and reverberations.

Want to learn more about AV technology for gymnasiums? Check out our guide.

AV installation for schools and universities in Indiana

Does your school’s technology set up students for success? Whether you’re looking for new AV systems or essential maintenance, AV Designers can help. Regardless of the size of your project or the constraints of your budget, our skilled technicians will deliver high-quality A/V solutions that promote learning and encourage collaboration. 

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