3 Essential Must-Haves When Hiring an A/V Installation Company

3 Essential Must-Haves When Hiring an A/V Installation Company

3 essential must-haves when hiring an A/V installation company. It takes more than a quote to determine whether or not an A/V provider can meet your company’s needs. 

Installing new technology should make work easier for everybody—and oftentimes it does. New video conferencing solutions allow in-person employees to collaborate with remote workers. State-of-the-art digital signage helps employees schedule meetings in huddle rooms. When properly installed and maintained, these A/V solutions help employees work more safely and more efficiently. 

As businesses continue to encourage remote work and invest in hybrid offices, having functional and up-to-date technology matters more than ever. That’s why more businesses are partnering with A/V providers who can support their growing A/V systems. 

But how can you determine which A/V contractors are legit and which ones aren’t?

In this post blog, we outline the factors that businesses should consider before hiring A/V providers—because a bidding war is no way to go about finding a reliable A/V installation company. Businesses need qualified and reputable partners who have a proven record of handling similar projects.

How can you tell if an A/V installation company is reliable?

These three must-haves will help you decide whether or not you can trust an A/V provider to take on your next project.

  • Relevant training and certifications

Employers ask job candidates to describe their education and training prior to offering them paid positions. Similarly, businesses should ask prospective A/V suppliers about their qualifications and certifications before working with them. As business technology continues to evolve, and as commercial and corporate A/V systems become increasingly complex, A/V experts must undertake additional training to stay abreast of rapidly advancing solutions. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that potential providers are knowledgeable in modern business technology.

While meeting with potential A/V providers, businesses should also confirm that they are authorized to sell the technology they’re offering. This confirmation matters for both ethical and practical reasons. Buying A/V solutions from an unauthorized dealer may interfere with product warranties and lead to more costly repair fees down the line.

  • A portfolio of similar projects

Experience matters. If your business needs a fully integrated conference room A/V system, it’s prudent to consider whether or not potential providers have successfully completed similar projects in the past. While many reliable A/V professionals have finished a wide array of projects for clients in a variety of industries, some contractors specialize in only industry-specific solutions. Confirm that a potential partner is a good match by asking to see their previous work. Great A/V contractors take pride in their portfolios. They won’t be offended if you ask for examples of comparable projects or references from clients with similar needs. 

  • Advising and maintenance services

Unfortunately, investing in the latest technology doesn’t always prevent equipment from malfunctioning. Troubleshooting and maintenance are simply realities of modern business technology. With this in mind, ask potential providers what types of support they provide after installing new equipment. Can they be contacted for troubleshooting? Will they carry out emergency repairs? Do they offer advising and maintenance services

A company’s A/V needs don’t disappear after they install A/V solutions. Asking these questions will help you determine if potential providers are after a quick paycheck or a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership. 


How to find the right A/V installation partner for your business

When A/V systems are poorly designed or haphazardly installed, even the best technology may not perform as advertised. For this reason, A/V experts are invaluable partners to small businesses. By helping owners and employees navigate technical difficulties and installing user-friendly solutions, A/V contractors effectively eliminate the anxieties that come with new technology. 

In the previous section, we provided the questions that you should ask A/V installers before hiring them. But what questions might A/V installers ask you? As you prepare for meetings with potential A/V providers, make sure that you can answer these three questions.

  • What’s necessary and what’s negotiable?

Is there anything you’d be willing to sacrifice in order to meet your budget? The more details you share, the more accurate the quote will be. 

  • What’s your budget?

Sharing your budget at the beginning of a project will eliminate surprise costs and extra expenses. 

  • Does your workspace present any design challenges?

If your building presents unique architectural challenges, let the A/V team know. A/V experts are detail-oriented professionals who enjoy finding creative solutions to each client’s unique problems. 

Reliable A/V Installers in Indiana

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